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Residential Title Transfers / Quit Claim Deeds

A lot of people quickly jump to the Quit Claim Deed as a one size fits all remedy to transferring real property interests. While a Quit Claim Deed can be an easy and effective instrument to cure certain title defects and pass interests, it isn't always what you are looking for, and there may be some larger challenges to executing one. Most residential mortgages do not allow a title transfer so long as the real property is subject to that mortgage. There may also be serious tax implications in transferring your real property.

If executing a Quit Claim Deed is your best course of action we will certainly draft one for you and make sure it is properly executed and recorded. However, in a lot of circumstances a Quit Claim Deed may not be as straightforward as it seems. We will work with you to fill you in on the ramifications of drafting a Quit Claim Deed in your situation, and if it isn't the best option we will work with you to figure something out that is more beneficial to you and your family.