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I called these guys for some housing trouble I was having and they were really helpful and informative. I received a free consultation from Yelp and even then, they were patient and walked me through all of my options. I would definitely hire them in the future if need be.

Marcella P., Seattle, WA

He gave me advice that helped me move along towards solving my problem - at no financial benefit to him. He's a bro.

Matthew A., San Diego, CA

Wes and Josh are caring, perceptive, and creative problem solvers. Their transparency and sincere manner in business ethics bring ease to your stressful situation. Their honesty and clarity of their skill sets and capabilities are also refreshing (when they are not sure - even by 1%, they will tell you) which is an absolute rarity in any industry. If you value honesty and sincerity with your legal representation, look no further than these gentlemen.

Claudette G., Tacoma, WA

Josh was super helpful in helping me better understand the legal situation I was trying to resolve. This is a great firm, Josh takes his time to make sure you have a good understanding of the legal process before taking on any services. Highly recommend !

Preston Z., Bellevue, WA

The Moultray group always comes through for me and my business, there is no other business attorney to hire, he is my attorney for all my business needs, As a business owner he has protected me a few times again and again. thanks Josh.

James S., Renton, WA

I've never written a review for a service I've never used. This is my first.

I called Mr. Moultray's office on a holiday weekend and reached a real person who directed me to email. Within minutes I received an email from another attorney in his office who scheduled an appointment Josh. I had originally called his office expecting to leave a message for when he was back to his office, instead I was able to meet Josh in person the first business day after the 3 day weekend.

I told Josh about my business affairs and after several questions he was straight up and honest and he let me know he didn't think he could help me with my company quandary and gave me the name of someone he thought could better assist me with a different set of legal specialties.

I felt valued as a potential client, appreciated his honestly and besides, he is a genuinely nice guy! I won't hesitate to call him with my future legal needs, he looked out for me as a potential client and person, not just for his billable hours.

Never mind Saul.....Better Call Josh!

Kim M., Seattle, WA

He spent considerable time talking with me regarding my new mortgage paperwork at no charge. How often do you get an attorney who spends quality time on the phone with you before getting a retainer. This is a very honest trustworthy person. Well I ran into two out of 12 I called and this guy was one of them.

I highly recommend you check with this guy when searching for an attorney.

Laurin D., Arlington, WA

Extremely helpful. Provide very directed and useful advice for Real Estate related issues.

Pramath M., Seattle, WA

Response time is incredible. I'm very glad I called the Moultray group to help me with drafting real estate documents to sell my home. I worked with Rob and he has the same type of service and quick response as anyone else at the company.

Norm W., Provo, UT

I am a contractor out of Seattle and have been in business for 5 years. We had an issue arise with a customer that I had not encountered in my dealings of business. I didn't know how the outcome of this problem would end or how to go about resolving it. I called Josh. He helped walk me through my options on how to settle with my customer.

Over the course of 3 days, I called him a dozen times and he either answered his phone or called me back right away.

The final day I settle with my client at 10pm at night and called Josh one more time. He answered his phone despite the late hour! If I could use one word to describe josh it would be "Available" .

Josh was there when I needed him and I'm sure he'll do the same for you too!

Matthew H., Seattle, WA

I had an excellent experience with Joshua. There wasn't a case but I had concerns about potential outcomes of an incident. I went to Joshua and after I briefed him with the situation, he explained to me what are the legal possibilities. I offered to pay the fee for his time but he refused to take it. That made my day !

I would highly recommend him. In a nutshell, he is honest and intelligent.

Omar H., Redmond, WA

Josh is fantastic. Super communication skills, very fast, very competent, and reasonable rates. Unlike most attorneys, he is very accessible by phone and happy to speak with you. He did a great job clearly explaining the process and requisite documents needed to sell my home. Josh was also very responsive and fast. I would, without hesitation, recommend him. Thank you, Josh.

Robere B., Half Moon Bay, CA

Josh is very knowledgeable and personable. He assisted us with some legal needs for our new business. I plan to use his services again in the future and I highly recommend Josh to anyone looking for legal assistance with their business.

James F., Kirkland, WA

Attorneys are the people you never want to have to call, but when you do you want the best - You want Josh. He listens, is professional, he works for you and he has a great team to back him up. Josh is the real deal - the first and ONLY person I call!

Ari S., Seattle, WA

Havent met him!! but love him! I found him on Yelp because my brother needed some help with a really stupid misdemeanor. But it was actually a really big deal. anyway, without getting into details. We really needed this dismissed. My brother called Joshua. I am told Joshua sat and listened to my brother very carefully and showed up on time and super prepared... way better than an assigned lawyer. And just yesterday the case was dismissed!!!!!!! YAAAAAAYYYY!!! Thanks Joshua!!

Nalita M., Los Angeles, CA

Was being threatened for not attending a deposition. Mr. Moultray responded to the opposing council explaining they were required to work with me to schedule the Depo while I am in town. I luckily had offered a number of other times and the other attorney has yet to respond. Thank you Josh for putting my mind at ease. You are a true professional and I will both use and recommend your firm in the future.

Adam C., Mercer Island, WA

Absolutely amazing! I have been negotiating the purchase of a business for roughly 18 months and it was slow going. Things accelerated this last week. He and his team worked lots of hours and worked through all the documents and got my acquisition completed this last week. Having an attorney to advocate for your rights in a negotiation is worth its weight in gold. He made a suggestion that will save me more in tax than the cost of his service. I hire a professional for a reason and Josh is an absolute professional. Thank you Josh for helping me get this done!

Adam D., Seattle, WA

The short sale went great, I'm working with the law office on another one, with a third on the way. Joshua Moultray is awesome!

Mack M., Seattle, WA

Lease agreements are not very exciting, unless you have a bad one, and need to enforce it. Joshua Moultray helped me with a tricky lease agreement that will not be exciting, just enforceable. He was prompt, attentive, and charged just what he quoted. I would use him again.

Brian T., Seattle, WA