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Seattle Title Issues Lawyers
Commercial title Issues

Title issues to real property may come in a variety of ways - some much more serious than others, but they should all be cured so the current owner of a piece of real property is able to pass along clear title to a future buyer.

Perhaps a quit claim deed was conveyed to an incorrect party, a legal description was drafted mistakenly, or maybe there is a previously undiscovered will passing interest in your real property to parties who now claim an interest. Whatever the title issue may be, there is a solution to curing it and obtaining clear title. If you've come across any type of title issue we will determine what the legal issue behind the error is and determine the best course of action to cure it so you feel secure in the ownership of your property.

    Some common title issues are:

  • Scrivener's errors in deeds. i.e., incorrect names, legal descriptions, dates, etc.
  • Forgeries
  • Unknown or undiscovered liens
  • Missing heirs who may claim an interest down the road; Undiscovered wills or conveyances
  • Unknown or undiscovered easements