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Strategic Ownership and Entity Structuring

One of the places where our two primary practice areas, real estate and business, intersect, is commercial real estate. Specifically, entity structuring with regard to investing in real property. Obviously, as an investor, you want to shield yourself from as much liability as possibility with regard to your investments. Strategic entity formation is the key tool to implement in the beginning phases of starting a new project.

Generally the best practice in this regard is to form separate LLCs for each individual project you may be involved with. This keeps liability within each project at a minimum and treats each project as its own separate company. However, depending on how many investors are involved, what type of investors, the type of project, and myriad other variables, there are numerous ways to structure your project(s). We have years of experience counseling real estate investors in this regard and enjoy employing creative solutions to best protect our clients from potential future liability.