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King County Lease Agreements
Commercial Lease Agreements

A large part of our commercial real estate practice is drafting, reviewing and advising clients on commercial lease agreements. Most small business owners are going to face the challenge of negotiating a lease with a landlord for space to operate their business. If you're opening or operating a flower shop or a restaurant you probably aren't comfortable signing on the dotted line of a 45 page lease without having an attorney look it over first, and there's good reason for that! Commercial lease agreements can be much more complicated than residential leases, and without an experienced attorney's opinion you find yourself subject to terms you never intended agreeing to.

At Moultray & McMahon we have reviewed hundreds of commercial lease agreements for all types of businesses and in all types of spaces. Whether it's a little coffee shop in the mall or a garden store in a stand-alone building, we'll help you negotiate the terms of your lease so you feel comfortable in your new deal and can focus on operating your business.