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Seattle Startup Attorney

With new startups emerging every day, the Seattle area has quickly become one of the country's best places to create and grow a new company. Every new company is unique and faces its own set of challenges and obstacles, but in general they are all going to face some form of the following legal questions:

  • What type of business entity works best for you and your company? Corporation or LLC?
  • C-Corp or S-Corp? What's an S-Corp anyways?
  • When do you need to start hiring employees?
  • How do you hire employees?
  • Do you need to raise money? Where will that money come from and how involved will investors be?
  • What agreements need to be put in place in the case of a dispute over the direction of the company?

As attorneys who have helped plenty of inventors and entrepreneurs create and grow successful businesses we know what it takes to not only answer the questions posed above, but leverage those answers to help your company thrive. Creating the right business entity is crucial to starting any successful business, but that's just the very beginning.

Big companies have the benefit of retaining in-house general counsel to answer all their legal questions the minute they have them. They just walk down the hall. Every company needs great attorneys, but in-house counsel is expensive and not practical for small businesses and start-ups. At Moultray & McMahon we are here to not only guide you through the initial stages of your business, but we're also here to act as your general counsel as your business thrives and grows. Not sure whether you should provide sick days to your employees? Does a major recent decision conform with state and federal regulations? Whatever the question may be, we are here to answer it so you don't have to spend time worrying about it.